FTP manual

In case you send us your pre-press via the Internet, exclusively send to our FTP server. Before sending you need to contact us or email: kinko@kinko.co.rs or at 063 / 438-273 that we have opened a user account on our server, which subsequently can always be used.

Address of FTP server is http://kinko.myftp.biz


– Format TIFF, PSD or Photoshop EPS – Preview NONE, JPEG (maximum quality) for encoding, and all other options should be excluded, CDR corel vector graphics.
– Color mode (mixing colors) CMYK or Grayscale if it is to black and white printing.
– All layers and raster flattem (consolidated) in a layer other than the background, the background to be free.
– When it comes to preparing for a truck tarp or billboards, all relevant information must be drawn at 20cm from the edges.
– No additional channels.
– Dimensions of the file placed on the real (correct) dimensions – 1: 1 – NOT in proportion !!!
– The files must be composite – NOT in the separation !!!
– Depending on the file size resolution can be 30dpi to 200dpi. (A standard 72dpi to 100dpi, if there is a small text up to 200dpi, billboards and large formats 30dpi)
– Individual preparation recorded in separate files – one artwork – one file.