Digital Printing

EXTERIOR GRAPHICS (BANNERS) – Banners are designed to highlight your promotional message with no restrictions in dimensions. They are made in any custom dimension, ordered by customers, with possible montage prepartaion processing (anchovies, reinforcements …). According to your needs, we offer you:

FRONTLIGHT BANNERS – printed in full color, photographic quality. The material is made of a special kind of vinyl which is resistant to external influences. Montage prepartion process allows you to easily assemble or disassemble banner. The colors are extremely resistant and durable.

MESH BANNERS – This type of banner is printed on perforated (porous) material made of vinyl.Its advantage is the low specific weight and porosity, which makes it resistant to the effects of wind. It is primarily intended for graphics on residential buildings and large buildings.

CITY LIGHT – These graphics are demanding in terms of choice of materials and print quality.Their advantage is equal day and night effect.Printing is done on special paper Whiteback.

Window graphics (PRINT SHOW) – The most common form of window branding is printed on “One Way Vision” PVC foil that is made of perforated material with which aim is to achieve visibility of graphics with front side and the transparency of the background with 10% coverage. Also, the windows may be applied with non-transparent PVC sheeting that is printed on one side, and PVC foil for letter cutting. Also, we can apply matt transparent PVC foil, which also can be in cutted with letters or shapes. Window graphics are working on four kinds of films: One Way Vision (inside transparent), PVC printable non-transparent, PVC transparent and Matt-Transparent.