By concluding the contract on business and technical cooperation with “Kinko” we have the ability to with less money and less energy earn more and grow your business. In order to thrive more in your business, be sure you are compelled to make certain investments (purchase of machines, plotters, which etc.), As well as the expansion of human resources (trained personnel), you have to admit it bears a huge business risk!

In today’s time of crisis and the level of operating under the common industry, the company “Kinko” offers the following:

To become our business partner in the world of digital printing. We believe that your business experience, equipment, and knowledge is not negligible in the area we cover, but you can certainly expandable, expand your service offerings and your company to do more and in the framework of this cooperation more successful.


1. A registered legal entity (shop, company, etc.) With a current account at a bank.
2. Commercial a known address owned or leased.
3. Minimum equipment in the field of print-digital, which means a small plotter or cutter and the like.
4. The necessary work experience in one of the graphic process, internet communications and the like.


1. We achieve all your printing requirements for both large and small formats, on all types of digital media at extremely low prices to make your company achieve a greater profit.
2. All printed material sent by express mail, courier service AKS within 24 hours to 48 hours from the receipt of graphic solutions.

Kinko Company employs well-trained personnel in the various production processes. We are certified by Quality Austria. We are creating and printing of truck tarpaulins, branding vehicles and large-format digital printing.

We believe that we have all necessary conditions to become good business partners. In addition to the experience gained over the past ten years we have your business and work space in the industrial zone on the road Valjevo, Sabac. We have done everything, to be the maximum technically equipped.

For digital large format printing using digital plotters:

– HP Scitex XL 1200



Also, for whose benefit services firmopisanje width 135cm.

For all our products we use high quality and proven substrate for printing.