Billboards are the most common method of advertising. The size of printing is almost unlimited. Advertising design can be yours or ours, and the delivery time is very short (24-48 hours) from the moment we get your design.Billboards, depending on the lighting, may be enlightened and illuminated.

PRINTING is done with UV stable colors and materials to maintain their appearance even after several months of operation in all weather conditions.

– Frontlight (canvas) for posters and lighting from the front
– Backlight (canvas) for the posters and the back lighting
– Blueback (water-resistant billboard paper) posters for short period advertising, 1-3 months.
– PVC for long-term advertising , minimum 2 years.

Preparation of digital design for this type of graphics is a very delicate job that requires specific knowledge about image processing, design knowledge, and knowledge of marketing. If you leave this job to incompetent person, your billboard could be “cluttered” with unnecessary information that no one will remember. The range of colors and modes could be quite uncoordinated, with inappropriate graphic content, and that can make your billboard non-effective enough.

Therefore, we recommend that you prepare billboard printing to the person who is a proven expert in this type of work. If you are not able to find such a person, then let us prepare billboards.