Auto Styling

Changing car wrap is a very fast and attractive color change cars, and in the same way you protect existing paint cars. If you want to subsequently remove the foil, paint will remain the same as the day when the car stuck. Films that we use are Oracal (Germany), Avery (USA), Arlon (USA), 3M (USA). Average lifetime warranty on the foil is 5 years.

You can choose more than one hundred colors, ranging from bright, metallic, matte, 3D film, matte film with metallic crystals.

If the car has damage to paintwork such as dents, bad paint, corrosion, scratches, cracked plastic – everything has to be improved before starting work and it is possible to do everything at once in our room.

It is possible to do, and details such as additional labels, lines, shading windows, lamps